Executive Benefits

Executive Benefits

Provide value to your company’s most valuable employees with an executive benefits plan from the insurance experts at Excell Benefit Group.

Your business relies on the level of competency and skills of all the people you employ. With an executive benefits plan, your business can provide your business’s executives with additional insurance coverages that they may need.

By providing your highly paid administrative team with executive benefits, you can help attract, retain, and reward those employees in your company that provide significant competitive advantages to your company.

An executive benefit plan from the insurance professionals at Excell Benefit Group will typically provide:

  • Split dollar plans
  • Deferred compensation
  • Salary continuation plans
  • Supplemental disability coverage
  • Executive long term care plans

Help your company stay competitive by providing an executive benefits plan. To learn more about this policy, speak to an Excell Benefit Group representative. You can do this at any time either by calling us at 888-906-9550, or by filling out the insurance quote form on this page.

Don’t wait any longer – get your business’s executives the benefits they deserve today!

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