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Prepare for tomorrow by analyzing your need for a California or Illinois long term care insurance plan with Excell Benefit Group today.

With approximately 30 million Americans turning 65 during the next ten years, it’s expected that by 2030 one in five people will be a senior citizen. While many lead healthy and active lives, 7 of 10 will require some form of long-term care.

While traditional health insurance will take care of you now, how will you account for these eventual needs? A common misconception is that health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid will take care of these needs. The truth of the matter is health insurance does not pay for long term care, Medicare will only pay for a short period (with many pre-requisites) and there are severe asset and income requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid.

At Excell Benefit Group, we are committed to helping you develop a plan for your long term care needs from California to Illinois. Long term care insurance is designed to secure your care in the future. Few of us think about needing assistance in our daily activities, but if we don’t plan for our care now we will have limited options down the road.

Contact Excell Benefit Group today and let’s begin addressing your plan for long term care in Illinois, California and beyond.

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